Our History

Sugar-N-Spice Kiddie Haven Inc.(Sugar-N-Spice) was born February 16, 1981. The daycare idea was conceived by a father/daughter team who took the idea, of creating a “home away from home” and providing a place where parents could leave their children while they went to work. The dream became a reality when the doors opened February 16th with three children in attendance. By September of ’81, the centre was full. At that point, Sugar-N-Spice became a non-profit government funded program. A school age program was added at that time.

Since 1981, Sugar-N-Spice has maintained full capacity. Our best advertisement has been “word of mouth”. Thousands of children have passed through our doors.

The centre operated at 2400 Main Street from February ’81 until July 1997. Sugar-N-Spice then moved into a brand new facility attached onto the east side of Ecole Riverbend Community School. Although attached, we are a separate entity, governed by an elected volunteer 12 member Board of Directors with parent involvement, and not part of the school system.

In April 2008, Sugar-N-Spice opened its second location at 101 Ridgecrest Ave – located within West Kildonan Collegiate. This move added 72 spaces to our program and allowed Sugar-N-Spice to add infant care to its repertoire. This decision also allowed us to increase our school age spaces to 66 in total.

In 2011, Sugar-N-Spice was pleased to expand our school age program by 21 spaces and the infant program by 2 spaces.

We opened our third location in Ecole Riviere Rouge in 2016.  This center has 12 infants, 54 pre-school, and 60 school age children. In 2022 they expanded their school age program to an additional 15 spaces, now totaling 75 school age children.

In total, we have 352 spaces across all three locations: 26 infants, 164 preschool, and 162 school age.
Sugar-N-Spice Kiddie Haven Inc. is a not for profit, charitable organization licensed by the Province of Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Branch. We are also an organizational member of the Manitoba Child Care Association (MCCA).

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact our  Director at our West Kildonan location (204 334-6357) or our Director at our Riverbend location (204 339-4992) or  École Rivière Rouge (204-339-4345).